Clean Your Colon Naturally

Clean Your Colon Naturally

A healthy colon is imperative for keeping your body healthy and detoxified.

I what to stress at this stage that I am not an expert and I am not claiming to be.

But what I am is someone that cares and want to share information that I have found helpful in my life.

Through my own research and personal experience.

I am a firm believer that we can cleanse our colon naturally and here I share this.

Clean Your Colon Naturally

In today’s world more than ever with active lifestyles and less than adequate eating habits and healthy colon is imperative for keeping the body healthy and detoxified.

Part of the reason why so many people today in the western world have unhealthy colons is the lack of fibre in our everyday diets.  Having a healthy colon is the key to long term health and finding good colon friendly recipes is one way to help keep your body healthy.

Colon Stress

Constipation, digestive stress and mucus in your stools are just a few signs that your colon may be on the unhealthy side and I stress again that a healthy colon is absolutely necessary for a healthy body.

So don’t let an unhealthy colon become a breeding ground for toxic poisons, disease, parasites and death.

Colon therapy

Colon therapy can also help you to get rid of parasites without the need of substantial drugs that are usually prescribed to treat them.

There are a number of cleansing products on the market today that will help to cleanse the colon as well as get rid of parasites.

Healthy Diet

Diets of saturated fats, such as, meats, processed foods and sugar contribute to faeces becoming impacted along the inside of the colon wall.

However, when you are eating insufficient fibre it is like trying to clean a pot/pan with a paper napkin.

Eating a healthy diet that is full of fibre and probiotics (good bacteria and yeast), plenty of water and rest, with regular exercise will help to keep your colon healthy.

The problem is that even a person that eats a “normal” diet will be able to escape the gradual build-up of caked deposits and build-ups on the lining of the colon.

You would be amazed and disgusted at what actually comes out of an average “healthy” person during a colonic treatment.

Preventing Colon Toxicity

Now if you want to prevent colon toxicity, premature ageing and chronic disease, cleaning your colon is essential.

Colon cleansing is the best defence against colon toxicity developing, along with maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Take control of this important bodily function.

Start Cleaning Your Colon Today

You can get started today and the good news is that there are several products that you can use to get started with to start cleaning your colon and digestive tract.

Cleaning your colon can actually assist with weight loss as well and in fact some have reported weight loss of up to 25 pounds.

A normal healthy colon is cornerstone to your health so, one of the most important things that you can do the keep your colon healthy is to cleanse it from pollutants, toxins and impacted faecal matter.

A recommended amount of fibre that everyone needs to maintain a healthy colon is generally between 20 and 35 grams of fibre a day.

Just like we would place significant importance on the products that we use to brush our teeth, cleanse our bodies and wash and condition our hair.  It is just as important to find out as much as you can, and speak to people have actually used colon cleansing products and or services.

It is just as important to think about the elimination of undigested foods and other waist matter, along with what you are eating.

Psyllium husk and bentonite clay based herbal cleansing products are safe and a really great place to start.

You can also buy psyllium husk in the pure form and add to smoothies, cereals, and or drink it neat, the same with Bentonite clay. But one work of caution and that when taking these cleansing products you should increase your water intake to get the best results.

So What Do Nutritionists Have to Say About Colon Cleansing

Do you suspect that your colon is not working properly?

Then you are likely right.

You may be aware of any ongoing problems with things like constipation, you will also be aware of conditions such as, your intestines feeling bloated or achy.

When there are general disorders that you sense are coming from these problems.

Did you know that carrying out proper colon cleansing will not only alleviate chronic constipation, but it will also alleviate headaches, haemorrhoids and ulcerative colitis?

Did you know colon cleansing can also ultimately help prevent cancer?

Clean Your Colon Naturally

What Doctors Won’t Tell You

Most doctors will not tell you about these facts because putting it simply most of them do not know this.

The AMA is not nutritionist-oriented, it is disease-oriented.

A good preventative plan for colon cleansing and the overall health of your digestive tract, is very much called for.

And who is responsible for this?

You are!

Many of the suggestions that you doctor will inform you with, will overlap with those that a nutritionist will give you. For example, drinking lots of water and doing at least 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week is standard advice given.

Adding fibre supplements to your diet like psyllium husks are usual ways to help with cleaning your colon and lower bowel.

Personally I found using psyllium husks very helpful when I first started to pay more attention to my colon and I still use it ever so often many years later.

Nutritionists go deeper

Nutritionist will also recommend that you change your diet and improve on what you are eating as well as more intense methods of colon cleansing.

Stop Eating Junk

Nutritionists will tell you over and over to stop eating junk foods, and on many occasions Do You Listen?

It surprises me that with all this great advice, many people still don’t get it.

Why doesn’t the population listen to what these nutritionists say?

Why don’t we get rid of all these processed foods, sugar, hydrogenated fats and chemicals from out diet, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

To really get it right will require some extended research.

Colonic irrigation and oxygen-based colon cleansers can actually help melt impacted build-up of waste and carry them away.  These methods can actually cleanse your whole system.

When all is said and done, it is your body, your colon and your lifestyle and I would say at this point, that you should be careful and think about what you are putting into your body.

Learn About The Many Colon Cleansing Products

Are you depressed because you are suffering from a form of colon dysfunctions like chronic diarrhoea or constipation?

Well you are not alone.

Nearly half the population living in the Western World today are suffering from some form of colon related disorders.

Did you know that even a person that is displaying no physical dysfunction carries about 10 to 25 pounds of faecal wastes that originated from undigested foods and wastes that was unable to be eliminated?

Knowing this provides you with a solid reason why you should take action in cleaning your colon in regular interval.

Colon cleansing is a method of preventative procedure that will help to remove years of parasites, hardened materials that have gathered on the walls of the colon.

A colon cleanse at least once a year followed by paying regular attention to colon maintenance and adding this to your routine will ensure you overall health and well-being and keeping your immune system strong.

I am going to list 5 major colon cleanse products that are simple but effective.


Now some people may have already been introduced to the experience of enemas in their childhood.

Probably this was passed down from grandparents.

However, an enema is used in the early stages of constipation and they effectively remove the materials that are clogged in the rectum and or the lower part of the colon.

But it is harder for an enema to eliminate the compacted wastes from the colon walls.

There are also many people that just don’t like the idea of an enema and the fact it requires to be pushed through their rectum cavity.

Personally I have carried out many enemas and can say that the feeling of wellness and vitality is almost the instant that the waste is eliminated. (Didn’t want to be too graphic).

Enemas come in mainly four varieties:

If you are interested in enemas you may find these informative videos here.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a procedure that involves introducing purified warm water into the colon with the use of a disposable plastic tube that is inserted through the anus.

This process can be performed both at home and in a clinic by a trained professional.

Colon hydrotherapy is an excellent procedure to get your body’s elimination system thoroughly cleansed.

Once the impacted waste material are removed from your colon, your organs can resume normal function and bring back your health and vitality.

Oxygen Colon Cleansers

Now this procedure is regarded as the best product available for cleansing your colon as it is the only full intestinal cleanser which is designed to melt away the compacted wastes from the colon through oxidation reduction reaction and the wastes are eliminated in the form of gas and water.

The best thing about this product is that it will stimulate the growth of the beneficial bacteria in out colon that will aid in our digestion instead of destroying them as in the case of using products like psyllium husk.


Laxatives are normally used in the preliminary stages of constipation and they are effective in clearing the bowel, but they cannot clear the impacted materials from the colon and they really cannot be considered cleansers.

However if used in intervals after a colon cleanse they can help in maintaining the health of the colon.

Herbal Cleaners

These types of colon cleansers are based on psyllium husk which can be found in pill or capsule form.

I tend to buy my psyllium husk in its raw form and make my own capsules for the whole family. I find this better because then I know what is in my capsules, which is pure psyllium husk and nothing else apart from the capsule.

Psyllium husk is rich in both fibre and mucilage and acts like a hard sponge as it stimulates as automatic contraction of the walls of the bowel.

Each of these cleansing routines comes with their own respective advantages and disadvantages.  The above information provides you with an idea on which product will be suitable for the condition of your colon.

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