5 Reasons To Treat and Prevent Thyroid Disease

I am going to up straight into this article because I am eager to share this information with you about why you should treat and prevent Thyroid Disease.

I wish that I knew this before I got treated the traditional way for my thyroid condition.

5 Reasons To Treat and Prevent Thyroid Disease 

5 Reasons To Treat and Prevent Thyroid Disease

1. The thyroid gland regulates the rate of energy that the cells in your body are produced. Thyroid disorder will reduce your body’s metabolism which will make you feel sluggish.

2. Thyroid disorder will also increase your risk of getting a degenerative disease such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer and it will be easier to catch widespread infections. In a more severe case the energy levels in the cells in your body will be unable to sustain a basic level of metabolism and this can create a life-threatening situation.

3. One thing that I have noticed when I first started displaying symptoms is that it can take a really long time to get diagnosed. It took me about 18 months before I got my diagnoses. I later found out that thyroid disorders are very often missed. This is a major problem. Even if the tests show that you do not have a thyroid disorder, you could still be at risk. If your body is highly acidic, your risk levels are increased.

4. So even if you have not been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, it is important that you check your body’s overall pH level and take steps to reduce the acid level in your body.

Below a diagram of where your Thyroid Gland is.

Thyroid Gland Guide

5. In doing so you will not only reduce the chance of developing a thyroid disorder or making an existing thyroid disorder worse. You will improve your overall health and reduce your vulnerability of getting a degenerative disease.

The Risks of Acid Accumulation

Accumulation of acid in your body which could be due to:

  • Food being insufficiently digested
  • Food allergies
  • Consumption of acid forming substances

These can all contribute to thyroid disorder. Acid related causes of thyroid disorder could also include:

When you acid level rises too high in your body, your thyroid function will be depressed and it will slow down your metabolic rate in your body.

Also, lack of digestive enzymes, is also caused by eating too much processed foods. This will cause your body’s function to neutralise acids to be significantly reduced. As time goes by and you get older, the more toxins that you are exposed to, is the more likely you will be to develop a thyroid disorder if you have not already.

Damage Caused by Thyroid Disorder

The problem with have a thyroid disorder is that the cells in your body and your organs will not be able to metabolise as quickly as they should. The presence of excess acid in your body will only make this problem worse. Your organs and cells will become flooded with acid, which will be too much for them to eliminate successfully, but your thyroid disorder will reduce its ability to deal with all this acid. And the will become like a double-edged sword as too much acid will worsen your thyroid disorder.

Let me give you an example, a sluggish thyroid will strengthen the problems of your digestion that is caused by too much acid accumulation in your body. Now because a thyroid disorder already slows down your cellular metabolism, it will significantly reduce your body’s ability to eliminate acid waste. This process will just be repeated over and over again the more acid forming substances you consume.

Thyroid disorder will also reduce the function of your immune system, which could lead to chronic infections.

With the accumulation of acid in your body, infections will spread quickly, which will also reduce your body’s ability to neutralise acids.

Your whole body needs glucose and oxygen to survive. Your thyroid needs glucose and oxygen to function normally.

With a thyroid disorder it will further reduce your body’s ability to clear the bloodstream of these acids and this will prevent oxygen and glucose from circulating around the body through the bloodstream.

The Benefits of a Balanced pH Level

Believe it or not having a thyroid disorder can cause many other degenerative diseases in your body and it can also affect your mental health.

So a thyroid that function properly can really restore your health in so many areas of your body.

When you neutralise the acid in your body and eliminate acid forming substances from your diet, you will be giving your thyroid a fighting chance to heal naturally.

Improving your thyroid function will in turn help your other body organs to function properly.

To neutralise acids and restore your body’s pH balance, you need to reduce or eliminate the consumption of acidic foods and other acidic substances.

You will also need to add more alkaline foods and minerals to your diet, doing this will help to restore your thyroid disorder.

As you watch your acid levels fall, you will find that you thyroid function will increase, not only that you will also increase your body’s metabolism. Over time, you will also be able to neutralise your body’s acids even further.

The end result will be you will have higher energy levels and your health will be restored.

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