How To Heal The Digestive System Naturally

Can Drinking From a Copper Bottle Help with the Digestive System? Drinking from a Copper Bottle will help your digestive system function better.  Many people today suffer from indigestion.  This can be a condition that is very uncomfortable. Some of the symptoms are gas, which is caused by Acidity. Or simply just being unable to … Read more

The Best Anti-Ageing Tips EVER

This article will reveal one of the best kept secrets about anti-ageing.  You will learn the best anti-ageing tips ever. Well when I say tips, what I really mean is TIP.  Yes one TIP.  This is all you will need to get results and get started. I am thinking that you are reading this because … Read more

How To Increase Your Brain Power Naturally

How can you increase your brain power naturally, without chemically inhancements  or stimulants.  What to know more then read on. Copper Stimulates your Brain Now without getting all scientific basically copper helps to stimulate the brain and also prevents convulsions (seizures).  Now when I was doing my research on the benefits of copper, this one … Read more

How to Treat Acne Naturally – by Drinking Water

Having Acne is no joking matter because it affect you in so many ways.  So how can you treat acne naturally only drinking water. This may sound a little far fetched but it is true you can treat your acne by drinking water, but not just any water.  Read on to find out. Do you … Read more

Healing Your Thyroid Naturally – By Drinking Water

What if I told you that you could start healing your thyroid by drinking water, what would you think. Okay let me make myself clear here.  It is not just water, it is how you prepare your water. I have been living with thyroid challenges for years now and tried many things to see what … Read more

Pure Copper Bottle – Review

Pure Copper Bottle - Review

This is my review of the Collingwood Eco ware Pure Copper Bottle. I have been using my Copper bottle for a few weeks now and thought I would share what I thought about it. Oh and the picture above, I took in my garden. Firstly here is the companies spec of the product. INTRODUCING THE COPPER … Read more


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