Pure Copper Bottle – Review

This is my review of the Collingwood Eco ware Pure Copper Bottle. I have been using my Copper bottle for a few weeks now and thought I would share what I thought about it. Oh and the picture above, I took in my garden.

Firstly here is the companies spec of the product.

  • INTRODUCING THE COPPER LOTUS. PURE, BEAUTIFUL & TO KEEP. The Copper Lotus bottle is made from pure Copper, element 29 on the periodic table. Why lotus? A lotus flower grows slowly and each petal opens in its own time. Likewise, one’s consciousness, body and mind is transformed at his or her own pace. The Copper Lotus will bring you health and balance, both in body and mind. By Collingwood Eco ware, a trusted and established, eco-friendly brand.
  • AMAZING AYURVEDIC HEALTH BENEFITS – For thousands of years, the Ayurvedic community have stored water in copper vessels. This practice naturally purifies water, killing bad bacteria. In addition to this, copper is an essential trace mineral for our bodies and the presence of this mineral has detoxifying results, ridding our bodies of harmful toxins. It is believed that drinking from a copper vessel can balance all three doshas, promoting health and longevity.
  • HELP SAVE OUR BLUE PLANET – Small changes can make a big difference to our planet. At Collingwood Eco ware we are passionate about bringing you sustainable and reusable alternatives to single-use plastics. Avoid buying plastic water bottles and contributing to the plastic epidemic, switch to eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Copper is one of the most eco-friendly materials available, made from natural sources, copper is long lasting and endlessly recyclable. Make the switch today.
  • MADE WITH LOVE, ETHICALLY IN INDIA – We work closely with the families that make our bottles in India. We are proud of our manufacturing processes and aim to be totally transparent with you about them. The artisans who make our bottles are both skilled and meticulous.
  • PACKAGED WITH CARE – We’ve read the reviews of other bottles on the market and we know there are ongoing issues with copper bottles arriving dented or broken. Our copper bottles are packaged with proper care and attention in a thick recyclable cardboard box (NO PLASTIC PACKAGING). Add to cart now and get your bottle as soon as tomorrow.

Would I Recommend it?

I love my new Copper water bottle and could recommend in a heart beat, not just because it looks really good and is a talking point when ever I take it out with me. But because of all its benefits, which are many.

The Bottle Design

I really like the bottle design because it is not just a smooth copper bottle, the indentations make the bottle easy to hold.


Inside the bottle, as you can see it is copper inside and out. Another picture I took of inside the bottle to give you a full view of the pure copper bottle.

This is written on the side of the Box it came in. Benefits of the, Pure Copper Bottle, Hydrate, Alkalize Your Body, Strengthen Immune System, Improve Digestion, Detoxify.

In doing this review, I thought that it would not be complete unless I added the benefits of copper infused water on the body.


Why Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle Good For You?

According to Ayurveda water stored in a copper vessel / bottle has the ability to balance all three of what they call Doshas in your body, (vata, kapha and pitta). This is done by positively charging the water. You can store the water in the copper bottle for at least eight hours before you drink it. This will give it time to do its magic.

I normally store water in my copper bottle overnight, for no other reason than it works for my lifestyle.

Stored water can be left in the copper bottle for a long time because the water will not become stale.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Out of A Copper Bottle

Copper kills bacteria because the copper as a sterilising effect.

Copper is effective against E.coli and S.Aureus. These are bacteria’s that are commonly found in our environment and can cause serious illnesses in our body.

Prevents common diseases such as, dysentery, jaundice and diarrhoea.

Many places in the world that do not have sanitation systems, could greatly benefit from the use of a copper vessel to sterilise their water, to prevent these common diseases.

Copper Stimulates your Brain

Now without getting all scientific basically copper helps to stimulate the brain and also prevents convulsions (seizures). Now when I was doing my research on the benefits of copper, this one really surprised me, because I did not have a clue that copper was that powerful.

Drinking out a copper bottle would actually make your brain work much faster and more efficiently. I am so glad I have got my copper bottle, because at times I feel like I could really do with some brain stimulation.

Regulates the Thyroid Gland

This is another point that really got my attention. Drinking out of a copper bottle will regulate the functions of your thyroid gland: many experts say that one thing that many people suffering from thyroid issues are that they usually have low levels of copper in their body.

Right let me break this one down because there is two sides to having thyroid issues.

Hyperthyroidism (Excessive thyroid hormone). Now this condition is most commonly seen with low levels of copper in their body.

Hypothyroidism (Low levels of thyroid hormone). May also suffer from the lack of copper in their body.

Now that said Copper is one of the most important trace minerals, which the thyroid gland needs to function at its best. A lack of copper can put the body out of sync. So drinking water from a copper bottle will help the body make up for any copper deficiency and regulate the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Going back to why this interested me, because for years now I have been researching how to get my thyroid gland to function without taking medication.

Arthritis and Inflamed joints

Copper contains anti-inflammatory properties. Which is really good for relieving aches and pains which is caused by having inflamed joints.

Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis can really benefit from drinking water from a copper bottle because of the ability of being anti-inflammatory, along with the ability of also having bone and immune system strengthening properties will relief a sufferer from aches and pains.

Skin Health and Melanin Production

Do you have acne and or skin blemishes?

Drinking your water from a copper bottle is going to be your new best friend. Why?

Because copper is the main component in the production of melanin (a pigment that contributes to the colour of your hair, skin and eyes in our bodies). On top of that copper aids the production of new cells in your body and helps to replenish the top layers of your skin.

Melanin helps to protect the body from sun damage and speeds up the healing of wounds and covers up scars. Now you can thank me later. Not only that but because copper can produce new cells in the body and can heal the skin. If and only if you are consistent and persistent eventually your skin will be blemish free. Yes you will have lovely clear skin and all that from drinking your water from a copper bottle.

Ayurveda experts say that drinking you water from a copper bottle on a regular basis especially if you drink in the morning on an empty stomach, this can be the difference between having acne and having clear skin.


Can Drinking water out of a Copper Bottle Really Slow Down Ageing?

Firstly let me say this, you may have tried a lot of different products and by now you are fed up with all these claims of anti-ageing this and anti-ageing that. Bla blab la.

Okay we have got that out of the way.

I do my research and only if I believe in the product will I put it on my website. I need to be true to myself first before I can be to anyone else.

Okay again, sorry for delay.

Back to anti-ageing. If you are worried about you getting fine lines and or wrinkles then copper is you natural remedy. Why?

Copper is a very strong anti-oxidant and as cell forming properties as mentions in the section about acne and blemishes.

Copper fights off free radicals which is one of the main reasons for the fine lines. It is done by the formation of new healthy skin cells that will replace old dying ones. Copper has the ability to rejuvenate your skin because of its properties and this makes it a sure way to beat those fine lines.

Can Drinking From a Copper Bottle Help with the Digestive System?

Drinking from a Copper Bottle will help your digestive system function better. Many people today suffer from indigestion. This can be a condition that is very uncomfortable.

Some of the symptoms are gas, which is caused by Acidity. Or simply just being unable to digest certain types of foods which unfortunately is becoming more and more common.

Now copper will make the process of digesting your food so much more pleasant. Because Copper has properties that stimulates the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the stomach that will make digestion more effective by helping the food eaten to go through the digestion tract more smoothly.

Copper also has the ability to kill harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation within the stomach and this is great news for anybody suffering from stomach ulcers, indigestion and infections.


Drinking water from a copper bottle can also help in detoxifying (cleansing) the liver and kidneys by aiding in proper elimination of waste from the body and in turn ensures that the absorption of nutrients from food is carried out properly.

Ayurveda says Drinking water from a copper vessel in the morning before eating will help to detox the stomach.

Can Drinking Water from a Copper Bottle Aid with Weight Loss?

If you are trying to lose weight without success, try drinking your water from a copper bottle. Why?

Regularly drinking water that has been stored in a copper bottle will help to fine tune you digestive system and make it work better because copper has properties that help to break down body fat makes it easier to be eliminated from the body. In other words the copper will help the body to keep what it needs and get rid of the rest.

This may seem simple and too good to be true but it is a fact that many of the issues with weight challenges starts in the stomach. So by dealing the problem from the core make the rest that much easier.

Helps with Anaemia

Copper helps the body to absorb iron, which is an important mineral for the functioning of the body. In doing this will help with those suffering from a lack of iron (Anaemia). Copper helps to keep the level of iron (Haeme) up and also regulates its flow in your blood vessels.

Helps in the Healing Process

Copper is known for its amazing healing, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and because of this it is a great healer and heals quickly. Copper is also great for the immune system by creating new cells in the body.

Copper is not just good at healing within the body, it is also very good at healing outside the body.

Good for Heart Health and High Blood Pressure

Copper is good to cardiovascular health and hypertension. With the increase in Heart disease and high blood pressure it is important to know how to look after your heart and how to avoid getting high blood pressure. If you already have one or both of these then by changing your lifestyle will improve your health tenfold.

Drinking water stored in a copper bottle is one important thing that will start you on the road to improving your health, because of coppers healing properties alone.

Like I mentioned earlier it is a lifestyle change to start to store your water in a copper bottle and this can be added to all the other things that you are doing to improve your health over all.

Here is a bit of new that I found whilst researching this. The American Cancer Society, says that copper has been found to regulate heart rate and blood pressure, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Interesting stuff I know.

Copper and Cancer

Many claim this and that about cancer and this can often bring hope to those that are going through it.

I was thinking about this and wondering if I should add this bit of information in this article. I then realised that it could not be fair if I did not.

So I would put it this way.

Copper is a healer an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial. So with all these properties, why couldn’t be a help to those going through cancer. After all copper has very strong anti-oxidants.

I know a few people going through cancer and they have completely changed their lifestyles and because of this they have their medical teams asking them what they are doing. (I am so proud of them).


This is my disclaimer.

Copper in itself is a very powerful metal and with all its benefits we should always use with caution.

One bottle of copper infused water a day is more than enough to reap all the goodness that it has to offer

Below are some commonly asked questions.

What Does Copper Do To Water?

Storing water in a copper bottle will purify the water. It will kill and the micro-organisms, fungi, algae, bacteria and mould in the water, that could be harmful to your body. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is very good for improving human health.

Is It Safe To Drink Out Of A Copper Bottle?

Yes it is safe to drink water from a copper bottle because Copper purifies the water, making the water safe to drink. It also benefits the health of your body.

Is It Safe To Drink Water From Copper Bottle Every Time?

I would say that considering the health benefits that it is safe to drink out of the copper bottle regularly.

This reminds me, back in the days of my Grandmother when they drank rain water. The Rain water was stored in a copper tank and this was all they drank from day in and day out. My Grandmother is one of the healthiest people I know and one of the happiest and she is in her 90’s. To be honest she is healthier that most of her 12 children.

In saying this I would have to say that if you are pregnant and or a nursing mother please see medical advice before using.

How Long Can We Store Water in the Copper Bottle?

Water can be stored in the copper bottle for a very long time, this is due to the properties of copper. It will kill and the micro-organisms, fungi, algae, bacteria and mould in the water, that could be harmful to your body. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is very good for improving human health.

How Do You Clean A Copper Bottle Naturally?

The way that I have been told to clean my copper bottle is to squeeze half a lemon into the bottle and then add one tablespoon of salt with half a cup of water. Then I could close the lid and shake the bottle so that the mixture is completely mixed up and then after a good few seconds I would pure the mixture out of the bottle and rinse with water. I tend to rinse with bottled water and not tap water.

Another way that you could clean your copper bottle is to mix vinegar and salt. One tablespoon of salt and a cup of white vinegar add to the copper bottle and shake for a good few seconds and pour out and rinse with bottled water.

You can get your very own Pure Copper Bottle by Click the image below.

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What do you think about drinking water from a copper bottle?

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