4 Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

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Today I am going to share with you what I have learned about the benefits of Himalayan salt.  I have been using Himalayan salt for many years now and think that it is one of the game changers in my naturally healthy journey.

I am going to show you 4 health benefits.

First of all Why Himalayan Salt?

I started using Himalayan salt when I found out that it would benefit my health and help with my thyroid issues.  Because table salt is stripped of minerals and bleached and as not benefit to your body what so ever in fact table salt is very harmful to the body for that reason.

Sea salt unfortunately is becoming more polluted because of all the toxins being put into it.  Real salt is mined from ancient sea beds and is void of toxins and provide a rich source of 60 plus trace minerals.

Himalayan salt is one of these salts, which is pure and saved from the modern toxic environment.  It also provides an amazing 84 trace minerals, plus a unique ionic energy that is released when it is mixed with water.

1. Himalayan Salt Sole

Sole is water that is fully saturated with unrefined salt.  When Himalayan salt is dissolved in water it creates an electrically charged drink that contains 84 trace minerals with ionic which nourishes each and every cell in your body. This is a treatment that is affordable and accessible to everyone.

The health Benefits include

  1. Supports thyroid and adrenal function
  2. Supports weight loss by balancing the hormones that improve your energy
  3. Supports hormone balance for all hormonal issues
  4. Detoxing the body by balancing the Ph
  5. Improves your hydration levels by providing trace minerals
  6. Is a powerful antihistamine
  7. Improves your mineral balance in your body
  8. Reduces muscle cramps
  9. Helps with blood sugar levels
  10. Helps to balance blood pressure

How to Make Salt Sole

You will need a glass jar with plastic lid (not metal) to make mixing the solution easier.

Fill the glass jar with about ¼ of the way with Himalayan salt (this can be course or fine)

Fill the rest of the glass jar with filtered or distilled water.

Cover with lid and shake well and let it sit overnight.

In the morning you should still have some undissolved salt in the jar, this means that the water is completely saturated.  If not add more salt.

Take 1 tsp of sole and mix with room temperature filtered or distilled water, (do not use metal utensils).

You can keep this mixture indefinitely by just keep adding salt and filtered and or distilled water.

(The reason why you should avoid using metal is that it will interact with the salt mixture)

It is recommended that you seek medical advice before taking the salt sole.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamps

You can read my full article on the health benefits of Himalayan Salt lamps HERE.

  • The health benefits are
  • Cleaning air in your home
  • Purifies the air in your home by decreasing pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants and allergens

3. Himalayan Salt Detox Baths

When you add Himalayan salt to your bath it will create and rejuvenating, detoxing and relaxing home spa.

The salt water will carry electrical charge from the salt and will pull out the toxins that are deep within your skin, helping to give your skin a really good deep clean.

I tend to use approximately 3 to 4 mugs of salt in my bath and soak in the bath for about 30 minutes.  When I come out of the bath I feel totally relaxed and ready for bed.

4. Eating Himalayan Salt

I use Himalayan salt for all my dietary needs, I cook with it and I use it as table salt.

The Health Benefits of Eating Himalayan Salt

  1. Supports thyroid and adrenal function
  2. Supporting hormone balance for both men and women
  3. Supports a healthy and increased metabolism
  4. Contains 84 trace minerals with is vital for well-being and health

Where to find Himalayan Salt

Today it is easier to locate Himalayan salt in your local supermarket, but if you are find it hard to locate then you can obtain it HERE

So there you have it.  Here are the 4 Health  Benefits of Himalayan Salt that you can try out for yourself.

But remember that if your are planning on taking internally and are on medication please get advise from a medical professional first.

Thank you for your visit and if you have any questions or just want to leave me a message, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

You can also share your experiences with Himalayan salt in the comment section below.  I would love to hear your experiences and what you think.

I would also love it if you could like and share this buying guide.

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You can take a look at my list of Himalayan salt lamps by clicking the link below.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – Buying Guide

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