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I have been using Epsom salt for more years than I can think of. I grew up using it. My mother used and so it became a part of our lives. I hardly knew anything about the benefits.

I used it with without really knowing why I was using it a part from the fact that it was good for me.

Only when I got older I started to question why we were using it, I started to understand its value and benefits.

When I started to research it, I went from using it once a week to using it every day.  We tend to purchase our Epsom Salt in bulk because we buy it for the whole family and then we share it out.  It’s a lot cheaper this way.

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom Salt is actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. It has been known for many years as a natural treatment for many ailments.

Epsom Salt as many health benefits and is still used widely in the beauty industry. It is also as many household and gardening uses.

Studies have shown that magnesium and sulfate are both easily absorbed through the skin. This is why Epsom salt baths is the popular way to enjoy its benefits.


Magnesium plays many roles within the body, which includes regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes, helping the muscles and nerves function, reducing inflammation and helps to stop the arteries from hardening.


Sulfates helps the body to absorb nutrients, flush out toxins and help ease migraine headaches.

Unfortunately with farms production going up because of having to produce enough stock for the supermarkets and food outlets, the soil can no longer produce enough Magnesium and sulfates to supply our vegetables as they grow. Meaning that our vegetables no longer have enough nutrients to supply our bodies.

Epsom salt Health Benefits

Epsom salt’s benefits have been known for hundreds years. The benefits unlike salts have beneficial properties that can actually soothe the body, mind and soul. Some of the amazing benefits include.

  • Relaxing the nervous system
  • Soothing back pain
  • Soothing aching limbs
  • Curing skin problems
  • Healing cuts
  • Drawing out toxins from the body
  • Treating colds and congestion
  • Stress related problems

The easiest and most popular way to use Epsom salt is to soak in a bath tub, which is filled with hot water, with a couple of cups added.

Epsom salt will ease stress and relax the body

Stress can drain the body of magnesium and increase the levels of adrenaline. This can be resolved by soaking in an Epsom salt bath. When the Epsom salt dissolves in warm water it can then be easily be absorbed through the skin and replenish the levels of magnesium in the body.

The Magnesium helps to produce serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that lifts your mood and makes you feel more calm and relaxed.

Research as shown that magnesium will also increase your energy and stamina. This is done by encouraging the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), this is like recharging a battery, but instead of a battery it recharges our cells.

Experts believe that by bathing in Epsom salt three times a week will help you to feel better, look better and gain more energy. The Magnesium ions help to relax and reduce irritability, and this is done by lowering the effects of adrenaline. In turn this will help us to become more relaxed, be able to concentrate better, improve sleep and help our muscles and nerves to function properly.

Epsom Salt will relieve pain and muscle cramps

Soaking in an Epsom Salt bath will ease pain and relieve inflammation. An example of this could be after a good work out at the gym. Coming home to nice hot Epsom salt bath to help relax and relieve the muscles. Along with. Relieving other ailments such as.

  • Bronchial asthma
  • Soreness from childbirth
  • Migraine headaches

It can also be very useful as a foot bath for aching feet. You could soak your feet in a foot bath for about 20 minutes. It will soften the skin and neutralize foot odour and is ideal for helping with athlete’s foot and toe nail fungus.

Epsom Salt can Help Muscles and Nerves Function

Research has shown that Epsom salt can help to regulate electrolytes in your body, helping to make the enzymes, muscles and nerves function properly. Magnesium is known to help make the use of calcium in your body work in the correct way. So with regular use of Epsom salt in your daily bathing routine will add a lot of health benefits to your life.

When using Epsom salt as a health treatment it is better to use it alone without the use of soap, as soap will weaken the effects of the Epsom salt. It is also better to use before you go to bed at night, so that you can relax after using.

Epsom Salt can Prevent the Hardening of Arteries and Blood Clots

Epsom salt can help to improve the hardening of arteries, heart health, heart disease, strokes and blood clots. This is helped by improving your circulation and improving the elasticity of arteries.

Epsom Salt helps in making Insulin more Effective

When your body has the correct balance of magnesium and sulfate, it will make your insulin work more effectively and can lower the risk of diabetes.

Epsom Salt can Help with Constipation

Many research studies have stated that Epsom salt can be used in treating constipation. When taken orally it will help to detox and clean the colon. It works by acting as a laxative by increasing the water in the intestines. It works like a colon flush. I have seen many YouTube videos on this and they all seem to swear by this method of treatment. I myself have not tried it. I would however recommend before trying this method consult with your medical advisers first.

Epsom Salt Eliminates Toxins from the Body

The sulfates in Epsom salt is really good at helping your body to flush out toxins and heavy metals and other harmful substances from the cells. Your skin is the largest organ on the body and using Epsom salt as a weekly exfoliate is really good at eliminating a lot of harmful toxins.

Weekly exfoliating is my favourite by far because it is cleansing and a body massage in one.

This is how I do it.

  • Put a handful of Epsom salt in a container
  • Add a little of your favorite shower gel
  • Add a few drops of lavender oil/lemongrass (or an essential oil of your choice)
  • Mix together. You want it to be a grainy consistency so go easy on the shower gel.
  • Use small amounts and rub in circular motions all over your body.
  • Leave on skin for few minutes before washing off.

If you have a shower then this is great, but if you have a bath tub, it is better to do this standing in a shallow bath water.

Before you start to do the exfoliating scrub it is better to have a wash first so that this is the last thing you do.

I find that after doing this my skin feels so soft and smooth. This can last a good couple of days after doing the scrub, not to mention the health benefits which will still be working long after. Oh and if have any marks on your skin you will notice they will start to disappear.

I must stress this, it is tempting to do this every time you have a bath/shower but less is more because you do not want to over exfoliate. This is not good for your skin as too much exfoliating can make your skin become sensitive.

Here are a Few Other Tips

Cleaning bathroom tiles – mix Epsom salt with washing up liquid in equal parts.

Prevent Slugs – Sprinkle on exterior problem area and you are sorted.

Keep your grass green – Sprinkle on your lawn, the sulfate and magnesium will work its magic. It will also work on indoor plants.

There are many uses for Epsom salt and all too often they are understated. This is a very powerful mineral which can benefit you in so many ways. The beauty industry have been using this for a long time and the amount they would put in their products will be small compared to having the pure product.

This is also a natural product, so you know what you are putting on your body. You also know the benefits your will receive from using it. I have been using it for years before I understood the true power of it. Since finding out the benefits of this natural mineral I have made the most of it.

Like I mentioned earlier using the Epsom Salt exfoliating scrub is a game changer for me, because it is so easy and convenient to use and my skin as never been better. It will also heal anything that is wrong with your skin at the same time.

Thank you for reading, I would really like to know your thoughts which you can leave in the comments below.  I would also appreciate you like and share please.

Thank you


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  1. This is an awesome article. I adore Epsom salts and use them regularly. Magnesium is the miracle mineral and one we don’t get enough of. I didn’t know it would make your grass greener. I’m happy to know that and it’s many other uses. Thank you!

    • Hi Holly

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated

      Yes I agree it does replace the minerals that our bodies are not getting enough of. When I was doing my research I found out that i makes grass greener and just had to add this into this article. How amazing is that. I tried it this summer and yes it does.


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