How to Heal a Body Naturally with Distilled Water


Living in the modern world can be extremely toxic to the body so know how to heal it is an advantage but knowing how to heal a body naturally is even better. What is I told you that this can be done with distilled water?

Most of us know that cleansing our body once or twice a year is a really good thing to do. It is like having a reset for the body. It can increase our energy levels and balance out our hormones and improve the digestive system.

A bonus of having a cleanse it that you can lose a few pounds in the process, which is a really good thing in my opinion.

Unfortunately with the constant flow of toxins and contaminants that are present in the tap water, a cleanse with regular tap water may not have a positive effect on our body that we would like, which is why we need to step up our game and start to carry out our cleanses with distilled water.

I have written an article about the benefits of distilled water which you can find by clicking here.

The results that you would get whilst carrying out a cleanse using distilled water is far different to the results that you would get using tap water. The healing results that you will achieve from using distilled water for only about a week to two weeks apart from what was mentioned earlier will be clearer skin and a general feeling of wellness.

You will notice the ability to cope with stress better. Before I really get stuck into this, I feel the need to say this.

If you really want to heal your body naturally, you need to go about this seriously and although it may be a challenge to begin with, stick with it, and see it through and you will reap the rewards at the end. In saying this alcohol, sugar, and coffee has got to go because they contribute to fatigue, adrenal fatigue specifically.

When you slowly eliminate these stimulants from your daily diet, and the contaminants from tap water, will give your adrenal glands a much-needed rest and then it can start to restore and repair itself. Then when you eat the nutrients will nourish and heal the body. Your body will then become healthier and your will be able to think clearer and in turn the everyday stresses will not seem so overwhelming.

Emotional Release

As your body starts to get rid of contaminants and toxins with the help of distilled water flushing them out of your system, you will also have layers of emotions clearing out of your system. Cleansing is not just about cleansing the body of toxic and harmful substances, it will also clear your mind of toxins. These emotions are related to the feelings such as, anger, fear, depression, anxiety, deep-rooted pain, and other forms of mental illnesses’. All of this deep-rooted emotions if not released will manifest itself into aches and pains in the body, and in worse cases into serious illnesses. Whilst you are going through this cleansing you may find meditation helpful.

Deeper Consciousness

When you are cleansing your body and your start to release all that deep-rooted emotions that have been stagnating within you. Will start to make room in your mind for other things, new things, and even a new you.

For many years people have been cleansing to feel more alive and awake. I would say this. Really look into doing some meditation along with your distilled water cleanse. Medication will help your with your breathing and sense of awareness and connect your deeper consciousness.

Meditation is put simply sitting or lying down in a quiet room and closing your eyes, start breathing slowing in and out and just focus on your breathing in and out for as long as you can. With enough practice the time spent meditating will increase and you will see the benefits.

I have just put it simply so that you can start as soon as possible and to be honest this may be all you need to do for now along with the distilled water cleanse.

Healthy Eating

By eating healthy whilst of your distilled water cleanse your will be feeding your body with nutrient rich healing properties. Making your body become more Alkalized. This will also give you more clarity of mind as well as healing your body. As your body starts healing your mind will heal also and things will become clearer to you. You will be able to be more focused and new ideas will start to flow, you will start to see things from different perspectives. During a distilled water cleanse you could start a vision board and or re-start that passion of yours.

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8 thoughts on “How to Heal a Body Naturally with Distilled Water”

  1. Hello, I have found out just recently during my water fasts, how good water is for me. I used to be a person who didn’t drink water. I was so bad, that I didn’t add ice to my drink, because I didn’t want my drink to lose flavor from the melting ice.
    But I am thankful that I have learned to love water. I don’t drink anything but water these days and I can see a difference in my clothes. Very impressive information and just helping people to know what the benefits are in drinking water, can help others kick the sugary drinks to the garbage (no littering on the curb).

  2. Thanks for this wonderful post! I have just turned towards a healthier lifestyle, about one month ago, and I can already see the difference that it’s making in my thinking, my body and my mood in general. But I know for a fact that there are a lot of bad chemicals in tap water and was looking for a way to purify it. I will definitely try the distilled water cleanse.. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, which is greatly appreciated.

      I agree that moving towards a healthier lifestyle is a good way to and the results can be felt quickly. It amazed me with the clarity of thinking and feeling generally better in myself. Getting a water distiller was one of the best investments I made and this is why I am highly recommending it.

  3. Thank you Jada for this blog on the many reasons why one needs to use distill water to heal the body naturally. I remember when my son was a baby and I prepared his bottles I use to use distilled water. I need to go back using distilled water even for me.

    This post has such good information (as well as other articles) that I’m sharing your website with someone I know that is currently having some health challenges. I’m sure once she reads this post (as well as your other post) it will help her tremendously.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and glad that you found it helpful. I really appreciate that.

      Yes going back to drinking distilled water is the best thing that you could do for your whole family, I have written an article on the benefits of drinking distilled water which goes more into detail about why it is better than tap water.

  4. I really needed to see this post as I am going through a very hard time in my life, both emotionally and physically. I feel like my cognition has been declining because of these stressors and I really need a boost from a good old fashion cleanse. I will be following along with your blog. I love love love what you are providing here. Superb!

    • Hi and thank you so much for your comment I really appreciate it.
      I am glad that it has helped you and yes a good detox will improve your health. But long term changes will maintain a good health.


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