How to Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

This is a hot topic today. How to improve your health and wellbeing is becoming more and more in front of people’s minds. Not knowing what is the best foods to eat and the best drinks to drink.

I am going to outline some challenges that are faced today concerning food and illnesses are increasing even though medical technology is advancing.

What is up with the food?

Unfortunately the diet of our ancestors is completely different to our diet today. With all the advancing technology, the most of the food that we are consuming are not worthy of being called food.

With all the YouTube videos being passed around about plastic food this and fake food that, along with all the other information send through by other social media, it is sending out a sense of fear and people not know what to eat from what not to eat.

Even the fad diets are partly to blame for the sense of confusion by introducing new eating habits, such as high protein diets, where the increase in eating animal products. Slowly more people are leaving out fruit and vegetables from their diet.

Animal Protein

I would just like to clarify eating animal products as a form of protein. This is not the best source of protein to eat. I will give you an example of what I am talking about.

Let’s use cows and sheep. What do they eat? Think about this.

Cows and sheep are vegetarians so when we eat the meat from these animals we are eating re-cycled protein.

I hope you get where I am coming from.

This is not the worst of it. The products used to rare these animals are not human friendly.

So this should come as no surprise why many people today are suffering with different types of diseases.

These foods are disrupting the balance of the body, pure and simple. And the balance of the body needs to be brought back to cure these diseases.

The Danger of too much acid in the body

With all these diseases that are around today, you will find that many a caused because of the body producing too much acid. This condition can be very uncomfortable and quite often the medical profession just dish out tablets that not only just suppress the conditions by contribute to developing other conditions on top of the original.

Having too much acid in your body can cause all kinds of illnesses from headaches, migraines, colds and flu, kidney problems, indigestion problems and many more.

The Importance of Alkaline

What the medical professionals do not tell you is that if your body is alkaline balanced, then many of these diseases cannot live in an alkalized environment.

To get the root of the problem of the body producing too much acid and in turn making you sick, is to bring the body’s pH balance back to normal.

This can be accomplished by eating certain types of food that will replenish the alkaline depletion. This will make your body healthier.

This will not only help the body, will also help the mind in ways such as memory, cloudiness and confusion.



I have done a review on the Alkaline Diet that as help many people. Click here to continue reading.

I have also found a really good book that I have also reviewed and you can check it out here.

The book: Alkaline Herbal Medicine Reverse Disease

I hope that you have found this article helpful and given you more of an insight.

Thank you for reading


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