Why Is Walking Good For You? My Take On It.

I will explain why I think walking is good for you. This is what I do regularly now and love it. But it didn’t start out that way.

I first started walking as a form of exercise in 2013 and continue to do so today. When I first started walking I was not a happy bunny. I thought it was punishment for getting out of shape. I sweated more than I was comfortable and was out of breath within a couple of minutes of walking. I could say that I was not a happy walker in the beginning. But I did not give up and today, I love it. My health has improved tenfold and I can walk a lot longer before getting out of breath.

I will answer some commonly asked questions and give an overview on my personal experience with walking as part of an exercise routine for a healthier body and mind.

I wish I could say that all I did was more walking and all was good with the world, but it is not that simple unfortunately. lol.

Please note that Walking is part of the plan to a healthier body, not the whole plan.

Oh, let me explain right from the get go. When I say walking I mean you go out to do a straight walk with no interruptions, meaning you walk continually for a specific period. How long is up to you.

Would I Recommend Walking?

Yes I would recommend walking as part of getting healthier and getting fitter routine. I am so glad that I made the decision to start walking because it has changed my life and health in so many ways. This is part of the reason why I wanted to share this information with you.

Are There Health Benefits With Walking?

When you are walking you are carrying your own body weight. This is known as weight-bearing exercise. Here are a few benefits of walking. Before I start I must stress that you should consult your doctor or health professional before starting any new fitness program.

  • Reduced body fat
  • Stronger bones and improve your balance
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke
  • Helps in managing blood pressure (Hypertension)
  • Helps to manage high cholesterol
  • Helps to manage diabetes
  • Helps to manage joint and muscle pain and or stiffness.
  • Increased cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness.

Here is a video for you to watch with will explain in detail the benefits of Walking.

When you get more of an experienced walker you could try walking with a rucksack to help with posture.

Where Can I Go to Walk?

The Brilliant thing about walking is that you can do it anywhere and it is free.

Walking in the Park

This is really a good place to walk. I find that it helps to clear my mind when I walk in the park and a feel closer to nature. I also challenge myself by going to hilly parks and walking up them. The good thing about walking up hill is that you get to walk down hill after. lol

Supermarket / Shopping Mall / Shopping Centre

Walk around the Supermarket and or shopping Mall before you start shopping, this is a good one if you have a step counter / pedometer.

Parking Further Away in Car Parks

This is another good one. We spend so much time looking for parking spaces close to where we are going when there is a lot of spaces further away.

At Home on the Spot Walking

Walking on the spot. Here’s what I do. Sounds silly but it works. I walk on the spot in the Ad breaks when watching TV. You can really work up a sweat doing this. Try it.

Can You Lose Belly Fat Walking?

Yes and No. If you have never really walked for longer that ten minutes in a while then starting to walk for ten minutes or more say twice a week you will notice a difference.

I noticed that I started to develop a waistline. Which impressed me.

When researching walking and belly fat, I found out that a brisk walk is low-impact and moderately intense cardiovascular activity.

I would add that if you are over weight, walking in reality is like high-impact cardiovascular activity. Because when I started walking two minutes felt like a hours worth of walking, and after five minutes I started sweating like I had just completed circuit training. So although it maybe considered low-impact it may not feel like it at the start for many people.

I would say if this is you. DO NOT GIVE UP. It gets easier. Just do what you can do at the start and give yourself a pat on the back when you do.

Can You Lose Weight By Just Walking?

My Research showed that if you walked for 30 minutes a day (briskly) you could burn 150 calories a day. To lose weight you would need to burn at least 500 calories a day. So we are looking at about two hours of walking each day. Which is very achievable.

This does not mean that you walk to two hours straight. (nope)

You can do what I call focused walks about twice a week. Meaning you walk for about 30 minutes at a time and the rest you just walk more in general. For example, park the car further away from the supermarket. Walk around the supermarket before you start shopping. (This works well for me).

If you go to a shopping mall, walk around it before you go into any of the shops. (This is another one I like to do).

If you have a job that requires you to sit down a lot, you could get up and walk around the office during the day and or go for walks in your lunch break.

This all adds up at the end of the day and week.

What Muscles Are Toned By Walking?

Walking also tones up your muscles which is a bonus. All these things add up over time.

Quadriceps or Quads, these muscles are found in the front of your thigh and run from you hips and upper femur down to your knee cap. Hamstrings and Glutes, Upper Body and lower leg.

Walking in my opinion is really underrated because along with the many health benefits you also exercise several muscles.

By Walking regularly you are toning up your legs and abdomen as well as your cardiovascular system. How amazing is that.

Is Walking Better than Running?

Is it better to run or walk? That is the question.

Well it is better to run because it burns more calories. Actually it burns over twice the amount of calories to walking. Research also says that running may also help with appetite control. So verdict. Running far out ways walking any day of the week.

BUT ……..

If you are like myself and running is not an option.

Walking still burns more calories than doing nothing. Right! I say walking is the way to go if your other option is to do nothing else.

What Motivation Can you Used To Increase Walking?

I use a step counter/pedometer. I find that it keeps me on tract. You can use your mobile / cell phone which as great apps now.

Can I Do Walking Exercises at Home?

Yes you sure can. I do this regularly. On days when the weather is not so inviting to go out for a walk. I will link walking exercises video below. Try it out.

Other Tips For Walking

I am only going to give a couple of tips because the most important thing here is to start walking.

  • Drink more water when in general but when walking bring a bottle of water with you, especially in the warmer months.
  • Wear comfortable clothing when doing focus walks. This is important because if you are comfortable in what you are wearing when walking you will enjoy your walk more.
  • Wear comfortable footwear. This is very important, be kind to your feet. A good pair of comfortable footwear makes a big difference in the amount of walking you will be able to do in any one session.
  • Watch what you are eating. I am not telling you at this stage what to eat, just keep an eye on what you are eating. If you want to lose weight then this will be important.
  • Step counter / pedometer will encourage you to walk more.
  • Just Do It.

Would I Recommend Walking As Part Of Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey?

Yes and I hope that you join me in the wonderful world of walking yourself healthier and fitter.

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  1. Hey Jennifer!

    This is some good information that you have presented here. I agree that walking is a great form of exercise but definitely not the whole package.

    I don’t think anyone is happy bunnies about ‘exercising’ but when you encorporate it in the ways that you’ve demonstrated, it really does work and add up. I greatly enjoyed and appreciate this presentation.

    The only thing I would suggest is to tone down on the ads a little. They are overbearing and take away from the information.

    Keep up the good work and I hope that you continue to help others lead healthy lifestyles 🙂

  2. I enjoy walking so much. I love the article. It was very informative and entertaining. The videos were an extra boost.
    I have bookmarked this article.
    I’d like to send some of my family members to your website. I’m sure your articles will be a big help to them.
    Thanks so much for getting this information out to the public.
    All the best.

  3. I really liked your article. I may get a pedometer soon to help with my motivation. I know it is important to walk, but I get so distracted by my work I don’t walk everyday like I want.


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