How to Treat Acne Naturally – by Drinking Water

Having Acne is no joking matter because it affect you in so many ways.  So how can you treat acne naturally only drinking water.

This may sound a little far fetched but it is true you can treat your acne by drinking water, but not just any water.  Read on to find out.

Do you have acne and or skin blemishes?

Drinking your water from a copper bottle is going to be your new best friend.  Why?

Because copper is the main component in the production of melanin (a pigment that contributes to the colour of your hair, skin and eyes in our bodies).  On top of that copper aids the production of new cells in your body and helps to replenish the top layers of your skin.

Melanin helps to protect the body from sun damage and speeds up the healing of wounds and covers up scars.  Now you can thank me later.  Not only that but because copper can produce new cells in the body and can heal the skin.  If and only if you are consistent and persistent eventually your skin will be blemish free.  Yes you will have lovely clear skin and all that from drinking your water from a copper bottle.

Ayurveda experts say that drinking you water from a copper bottle on a regular basis especially if you drink in the morning on an empty stomach, this can be the difference between having acne and having clear skin.

Knowing all of this get you pure copper bottle now.

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Just so that you know, I have my own bottle of Pure copper bottle and think that it is amazing in so many ways. Here are some pictures that I took of my pure copper bottle. For a full review on the product click here to see the other benefits you get from drinking copper infused water.

Here are some of the commonly asked question.

What Does Copper Do To Water?

Storing water in a copper bottle will purify the water.  It will kill and the micro-organisms, fungi, algae, bacteria and mould in the water, that could be harmful to your body.  Copper is an essential trace mineral that is very good for improving human health.

Is It Safe To Drink Out Of A Copper Bottle?

Yes it is safe to drink water from a copper bottle because Copper purifies the water, making the water safe to drink.  It also benefits the health of your body.

Is It Safe To Drink Water From Copper Bottle Every Time?

I would say that considering the health benefits that it is safe to drink out of the copper bottle regularly.

This reminds me, back in the days of my Grandmother when they drank rain water.  The Rain water was stored in a copper tank and this was all they drank from day in and day out.  My Grandmother is one of the healthiest people I know and one of the happiest and she is in her 90’s.  To be honest she is healthier that most of her 12 children.

In saying this I would have to say that if you are pregnant and or a nursing mother please see medical advice before using.

How Long Can We Store Water in the Copper Bottle?

Water can be stored in the copper bottle for a very long time, this is due to the properties of copper. It will kill and the micro-organisms, fungi, algae, bacteria and mould in the water, that could be harmful to your body.  Copper is an essential trace mineral that is very good for improving human health.

How Do You Clean A Copper Bottle Naturally?

The way that I have been told to clean my copper bottle is to squeeze half a lemon into the bottle and then add one tablespoon of salt with half a cup of water.  Then I could close the lid and shake the bottle so that the mixture is completely mixed up and then after a good few seconds I would pure the mixture out of the bottle and rinse with water.  I tend to rinse with bottled water and not tap water.

Another way that you could clean your copper bottle is to mix vinegar and salt.  One tablespoon of salt and a cup of white vinegar add to the copper bottle and shake for a good few seconds and pour out and rinse with bottled water.

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What do you think about drinking water from a copper bottle?

Click here to find out other benefits of drinking water from a pure copper bottle.

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  1. Interesting facts you have here. Water is definitely an asset for a nice complexion. I have found copper cups and bottles, but they all seem to be lined with stainless, so the water is sitting that and not the copper. The copper is coating the cup or bottle. I don’t ever see 100% copper. Any thoughts? Please please email or have WordPress send me a message with the answer. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hello Jada, this was a nice blog that you have created. I didn’t know that copper water bottles exists, and how drinking water from it can be very beneficial to your health. I drink a lot of water everyday, and this copper bottle can be an essential for me. I will have to make a purchase soon. Thanks a lot for the lesson, continue to do what you do!!


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